About Labsert

Labsert started its operations in 2015 to manufacture of certified reference standard materials, analytical reagents and volumetric solutions as Labsert Chemical. In this direction, infrastructure and quality operations have been completed and firstly, manufacture of analytical inorganic and organic standards and reagents has been initiated. Besides, manufacturing of new reference standards is continued to be included in product portfolio with ongoing research and development activities.

Labsert has ISO 9001 certification from DAKKS (National accreditation body for the Federal Republic of Germany). All analysis and tests during certification works are carried out at our sub-contracted business partnership laboratory (ISO 17025 accredited by TURKAK: AB-0375-T) and/or Labsert laboratories. Detailed result of analysis is presented on a report which is prepared according to ISO 17034 assessment (Certified by Turcert: 20180718172822).

Labsert Proficiency, laboratuvarlar arası yeterlilik testlerinin Türkiye ve Avrupa ülkelerindeki kurumlara sunulması ve organize edilmesi hizmetlerini sunmaktadır. Labsert, 2015 yılından bu yana Avustralya laboratuvarlar arası yeterlilik testi sağlayıcısı kurumu olan Global Proficiency'nin ( IANZ ISO 17043 and ISO 17034 Accredited) Türkiye tek yetkili temsilcisi ve irtibat ofisidir.

KChrom is another registered trademark of Labsert. From the second quarter of 2018, KChrom is about manufacturing of Quechers Kits, SPE products and bulk chemicals has been carried out according to international classifications and scopes. Physical and chemical specifications of products are certified and supplied to the market. Sources allocated for both production quality and research-development activities are increased by annual revisions.

Pharma Genau is a part of Labsert and manufacturing of laboratory instruments is carried out by Pharma Genau. Chemical sampling and costimised packing instruments are the main fields of activity. Pharma Genau has several patent articles as a result of  research and development studies about new instruments . All manufacturing prosess are caried out according to international standards and in order to ISO 9001 procedures.

Reference Standard Materials and Analytical Reagents